Sumer (/ˈsmər/) was one of the ancient civilizations and historical regions in southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq, during the Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze ages. Although the earliest specimens of writing in the region do not go back much further than c. 2500 BC, modern historians have suggested that Sumer was first permanently settled between c. 5500 and 4000 BC by a non-Semitic people who spoke the Sumerian language (pointing to the names of cities, rivers, basic occupations, etc., as evidence).

These conjectured, prehistoric people are now called "proto-Euphrateans" or "Ubaidians", and are theorized to have evolved from the Samarra culture of northern Mesopotamia (Assyria). The Ubaidians (though never mentioned by the Sumerians themselves) are assumed by modern-day scholars to have been the first civilizing force in Sumer, draining the marshes for agriculture, developing trade, and establishing industries, including weaving, leatherwork, metalwork, masonry, and pottery.

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King Sargon Of Akkad As The Second-Coming Dumuzi

Ancient Origins 09 Aug 2022
Willem’s main areas of study regarding the ancient Middle East are the Sumerian, Akkadian and early Egyptian civilizations, with special focus on the Uruk and Akkadian Periods in Mesopotamian history as well as the Old Kingdom Period in Egyptian history ... Secrets and Enigmas of the Sumerians and Akkadians....

U.S. commits serious crimes of violating human rights in the Middle East and beyond

ECNS 09 Aug 2022
... into a state of anarchy, and the Iraq Museum, which is listed by UNESCO as one of the top 11 museums in the world, was plundered of 170,000 artifacts featuring the essence of ancient art and civilization of Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian and other historical stages in the region....

Word Search: How the world changed when humans decided to farm

Gulf News 03 Aug 2022
Click start to play today’s Word Search, where you can spot a number of vibrant ancient civilisations ... Here are three ancient societies that are still considered to be ingenious and innovative for their time. ... Sumerian civilisation ... But the Sumerians are perhaps best known for being the first to create the written word....

UK Geologist Jailed in Iraq for Looting Archaeological Sites Is Released

The Epoch Times 01 Aug 2022
The pair had been on an organised geology and archaeology trip to Eridu, an ancient Sumerian city and a UNESCO heritage site ......

Mohsin Hamid: ‘When the political pollen gets high, I’m going to sneeze’

The Observer 31 Jul 2022
The writer Mohsin Hamid, who turned 50 this month, divides his time between Lahore, New York and London ... I think of myself as a thoroughly hybridised human being ... Yes ... If you look at human culture from ancient Sumerian texts onwards, people have tried to use stories to amuse themselves and also to reckon with the fears they’re facing ... Yes ... Book here ... ....

3,200-Year-Old Mesopotamian Perfume Recreated from Ancient Text

Ancient Origins 25 Jul 2022
Working with a Mesopotamian perfume formula left on an ancient clay tablet that Tapputi herself made, a team of 15 scientists has now successfully recreated one of her Mesopotamian scents in a laboratory setting ... Deciphering Cuneiform to Get a Handle on Life in Ancient Mesopotamia Sumerian Tablets....

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