Sumer (/ˈsmər/) was one of the ancient civilizations and historical regions in southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq, during the Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze ages. Although the earliest specimens of writing in the region do not go back much further than c. 2500 BC, modern historians have suggested that Sumer was first permanently settled between c. 5500 and 4000 BC by a non-Semitic people who spoke the Sumerian language (pointing to the names of cities, rivers, basic occupations, etc., as evidence).

These conjectured, prehistoric people are now called "proto-Euphrateans" or "Ubaidians", and are theorized to have evolved from the Samarra culture of northern Mesopotamia (Assyria). The Ubaidians (though never mentioned by the Sumerians themselves) are assumed by modern-day scholars to have been the first civilizing force in Sumer, draining the marshes for agriculture, developing trade, and establishing industries, including weaving, leatherwork, metalwork, masonry, and pottery.

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4,000-year-old settlement is discovered in southern Iraq that experts believe could be the capital of ...

The Daily Mail 17 Jul 2021
The 'lost city' was found June 24 in Iraq's Dhi Qar governorate, once the heart of the ancient Sumerian empire, considered one of the first civilizations in the world ... 'This recent discovery is of paramount importance because it introduces the world to one of the Sumerian cities ......

4,000-Year-Old Mesopotamian City Discovered In the Shadow Of Ur

Ancient Origins 16 Jul 2021
But why is this site getting such attention above the other 1,200 sites on the dig list? The answer is because it is located so close to the city of Ur, the important Sumerian city-state in ancient Mesopotamia ... materials “preceding the emergence of the Sumerian civilization .”....

Game Series With Amazing Monster Design | Game Rant

Game Rant 16 Jul 2021
They say a story is only as strong as its antagonist. The same is true of video games ... RELATED ... Here are some of the best ever ... Just look at Dragapult, the supersonic-jet-slash-ancient-salamander-slash-dragon, or Snom, which is just plain cute.9 Shadow Of The Colossus ... This enormous Elder Dragon takes cues from Hinduism and ancient Sumerian myth ... NEXT....

Archaeologists discover 4,000-year-old ancient city in Iraqi desert

The Art Newspaper 15 Jul 2021
"According to initial speculation, the city could be the capital of a state founded following the political collapse at the end of the ancient Babylonian era [around the middle of the second millennium BC], which caused the systematic destruction of the Sumerian civilisation’s ......

Dead By Daylight: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Plague, Adiris

Game Rant 02 Jul 2021
Introduced in Chapter IX, Adiris represents an "ancient and untapped" power in horror media ... Adiris hails from Babylonia, a city-state in the ancient kingdom of Mesopotamia, located in modern-day Iraq ... Additionally, Adiris is perhaps the only Killer to speak a dead language - in this case, ancient Sumerian or Akkadian....

Doubting Darwin

The Daily Journal - San Mateo 16 Jun 2021
Editor, ... Read through Genesis 1 ... Well of course there are still some hoops to jump through, but it’s a lot better than ancient pagan creation myths (Mayan, Sumerian, etc) in which the gods had a battle and one god died, so the other gods made the universe out of his body ... Human morality may change ... Cody ... Clayton Rich ... ....

Dark Pictures: House of Ashes Is Based on a Story From the Akkadian Empire

Game Rant 16 Jun 2021
In seeking it out, they instead inadvertently unearth an ancient Sumerian temple in the desert, which unleashes horrors 4,000 years old ... RELATED. The Dark Pictures. House of Ashes is Making Major Gameplay Improvements ... Under his leadership, the Empire reached the peak of its power, uniting Assyrian, Babylonian, and Sumerian speakers under one rule....

Remembering Ismail Fattah: 'There were three things he loved: life, art and Iraq'

The National 15 Jun 2021
When Ismail smiled, his eyes vanished under the puffiness of his eyelids. Ripples of dimples made way for a big grin, and then you heard it. that guttural laugh that seemed to come from the depths of him ... In the figures of his sculptures and drawings, he paid tribute to ancient Mesopotamian civilisations by mirroring Sumerian anatomical illustrations....

Professing Faith: Poet’s name obscured by history but her work lived on

Redlands Daily Facts 10 Jun 2021
known as the Sumerians ... The Sumerians had developed a ... Before her appointment, Inanna was a minor and unimportant goddess, but after Enheduanna got done with her, she was the dominant Sumerian goddess, and she appears in more of the ancient writings than any other deity....

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Trailer Showcases Underworld Creature

GamingBolt 10 Jun 2021
The underworld creature in question, which has been described as an “ancient ... After an earthquake, both squads find themselves trapped underground where an ancient Sumerian temple resides....

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes Confirms Pazuzu Edition and Release Date

Game Rant 10 Jun 2021
The next entry in Supermassive Games’ series of interactive survival horror games, The Dark Pictures. House of Ashes, was announced in November 2020. The third entry in the compilation will take players to the Middle East and immerse them in a frightening world of ancient Sumerian myths and demons ... RELATED. The Dark Pictures Anthology ... MORE....

Here's the real origin story of aspirin

The Galveston Daily News 02 Jun 2021
Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, is often credited with the first uses of willow or myrtle bark for pain relief; however, the 60 medical books he wrote barely mention willow ... Ancient Mesopotamian cultures used willow to treat fever, pain and inflammation. Sumerian clay ......

Evolution of language writing systems

Technology Org 31 May 2021
Sounds funny? But this way, the communication system for writing ancient folks like Sumerians ... So, the history of the actual alphabet started in ancient Egypt and surprisingly not as a Mesopotamian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs, only as workers’ and slaves’ language (called Semitic language named after Semitic workers)....